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Sensible, Sustainable, Scrumptious


Welcome to Dean and Cathy’s 3 acre farm located in Colton, Oregon...the Blue Flower Family Farm.

We practice Biointensive farming methods studied through workshops with John Jeavons at Ecology Action. We use these and other adapted concepts to raise organic veggies, fruit, berries, and nuts. We provide much of our produce for our family with the goal of being increasingly sustainable, but also make products from our various farm harvests that we sell at local farmers markets,  as well limited distribution to local restaurants and shops in Clackamas County and in the Portland area.  We maintain a crop rotation through most of the year and currently have 20 (100 square foot), double dug and planted beds with a goal of 25 by the end of 2010...and a total of 45 in rotation in 2011. We sell some of our veggies, fruit, and locally produced products from June through November, but offer educational workshops and coaching on sustainability practices year round.

 We are not “certified” organic, but we do not use any chemicals or fertilizers, or any other inputs at all besides the compost we make from vegetative growth on our land and crops grown specifically for composting. We have pastured sheep and laying chickens that roam our small managed grazing area (year round) in a mobile henhouse and an electric fence that provide with eggs and meat but also help promote the exquisite health of our pasture areas.

There is lots to do to combine a visit with other activities. Within 20 minutes there are a few wineries, the Fearless Brewery offers a few outstanding ales, boutiques, restaurants, fishing, rafting, and endless outdoor adventures (see our Things To Do page)… but the beauty and serenity here can be very peaceful and relaxing, so just unwinding on the porch swing with a good book is a great option too. Explore the site (see more pictures) or come see us at the Saturday Colton Farmers and Crafters Market or please contact us for any other questions or info.

Thanks - Dean and Cathy





To contact us:

Email:  info@blueflowerfamilyfarm.com


Phone:          503-824-2552



The Blue Flower Farm is located :


29807 S. Hult Rd. Colton, Oregon 97017


Hult Rd is right near the 21 mile marker on Highway 211 and although online map sites still recommend it, Hult Rd. is no longer open coming from the North and the Beavercreek area, so don’t be tempted to take that route.


Every season has something to offer here at the farm! We grow crops year round and every month offers a little something different. We are in the foothills of the Cascades, but only at 600 ft, so we have access to the snow, but seldom get more than a light dusting a couple times a year. Mid June through September are generally warm and sunny (typically low 80’s), but there are some beautiful days in November and March too.


Please contact us for any other info regarding our farm.